RSS Subscriptions

RSS technology gives you a fast and easy way to get up to the minute news and information on many different topics you are interested in.  You can have items pertaining to work, entertainment, family, social networking, gaming travel and many others all at your fingertip through one site as opposed to searching through 15 different sites to gather information you are looking for.   I am using the RSS reader Bloglines, which gives many different topic’s that you can choose from to follow, or you can add your own blogs or sites to keep up on information.  I have subscribed to Shane, Nathan, Kim, Sarah and Anne’s blogs from our class. I have also subscribed to because I am always getting asked what something means and USA Today to keep up with the news and other world-wide information.

Even though this is the first time I have used this kind of   have a feeling the RSS feeds may become part of my everyday searches because of the ease of adding and removing so many different widgets and sites.

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