Fun Brain

Internet gaming such as FunBrian is a great way for children to gain more knowledge of areas of study they are engaged in while in and out of the classroom.  Games are entertaining exciting ways for children to learn while they don’t feel like learning.  Games can range from small letter or math games to large around the world searches to find someone or something.  I feel even the Xbox or Wii that children have at home have some helpful games to engage children and teach them.  Internet games such as focus’ on math and reading in their game choice along with having some nonsense games for the children to play.

The site also has a list of 10 free educational game sites, including FunBrain, having to do with all the areas of education.  There is a game that can extend all areas of education.

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  1. Alvin Trusty says:

    Can you go back and change the name of this post to the name of the technology you selected. It could be Free Ed Games at Emerging EdTech or something like that. Otherwise it will be difficult for others in the class to know what tech you have used without reading your whole article.

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