IPad / Tablet Use in the Classroom

The Ipad is the device I that would benefit me in the classroom.  There are so many ways to use  the Ipad in the classroom from reading a textbook to looking up new information to add to information learned in books or videos read and seen in the classroom.  Last semester I had a book that was online and it was very helpful and easy to look up information and add to the knowledge the original text gave.  Having an Ipad or any kind of tablet would be a great way for children to explore indepth what their textbook’s information is telling them.  With the tablet you can have the newest textbook available for the students on a yearly basis along with having quizzes and tests the students have to complete and submit within a certain time frame.  The price of textbooks are rising and the technology of these devices are getting much better, which is why either or these two or other similar devices would be very beneficial to my classroom.



Samsung Tablet


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One Response to IPad / Tablet Use in the Classroom

  1. Alvin Trusty says:

    Your tag is still missing on this one. The title is suppose to be the name of the technology. That’s where you currently have you tag.

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