Why Teachers Blog

The following is a site that has many blogs that educators created or use to help them through the day or year http://www.guidetoonlineschools.com/tips-and-tools/early-childhood-blogs.

Christina Germano is a preschool teacher who blogs to let her students parents know what it is that is happening in the classroom as well as information she has learned or places she has visited that parents, students or other educators may find useful in their classroom.


Dr. Patricia Vardin started her blog for all educators to be able to discuss and talk about different subjects that she writes about.  I feel this is a good way to discuss many different areas of a teachers school year or career.  Teachers in their first year to teachers in their 40th year can discuss different subjects and get others educators thoughts on matters thatmay be a issue or problem that they cannot get around.

http://www.edact.com/blog/?p=24Dr. P. Vardin

When searching and reading through the blogs I came across I found that the educators blogged to inform other educators about subjects or ideas that may be useful to them in their school or classroom.  In Christina’s blog she discussed what the class was doing and how they were using what they were doing throughout the day, week or year.  She also discussed things that she did outside of the school such as going to the scholastic headquarters and touring the building.  She mentioned that children could have parties there which many parents may not have even thought about having a party.  All the above sights were helpful and full of information to use for either new lessons or to add to existing lessons that you may be using

I feel blogging is a great way to inform parents of the ongoings in the classroom as well as other educators that may use information I may put on a blog to start a lesson or add to a lesson they may be using.  Blogging is an easy way to dicuss ideas and add  to the thought process of educators and parents alike along with helping students to be able to look back on things they have done throughout a school year or lesson so they have easy access to information they may need to use in the future.

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  1. Alvin Trusty says:

    You are still putting the tag in the wrong place. When you create a post (or you can edit it later) there is a box where new tags are added. You need to add the tag there. Otherwise your post will not be properly grouped with the rest of the class.

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