Flickr / Delicious Accounts

I have gotten this far I may as well continue on. I think getting everything set up is the hardest part of most internet sites, LOL.  Well baseball is over for me this summer, my team fought hard, but couldn’t get over the hump after giving up 10 runs in the first 4 innings and not scoring until the bottom of the 4th, we came out on the losing end of a 11-10 battle.  I must say the kids have heart and did not give up which is all  you can ask from them.



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One Response to Flickr / Delicious Accounts

  1. Alvin Trusty says:

    You need to change a couple of things. You have the Tag in the Title of the blog post. Check the post and you will see a specific spot for the tag. Right now you have not tag at all.

    Your Delicious link is not a link. I should be able to click on it and go do your links. Change that text to a link.

    Last thing: your Delicious link back to your blog needs a tag. Check the assignment for that specific tag.

    Otherwise everything looks great. Sorry to hear about your baseball team.

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